Marketing & Engagement Manager

Full Time
Middle Management
Published on 12/12/2023

Job Description


Expedition42 is on the lookout for an experienced, results-oriented, dynamic Marketing & Engagement Manager to join our team. In this role, you will oversee all aspects of our sales and marketing processes, including planning, execution, and measurement. You will also be responsible for working with our go-to-market team to ensure what we are developing and implementing enables them and our clients to be successful in their purpose and targets. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in driving revenue growth and improving the overall effectiveness of our go-to-market team. If this is an area that excites and engages you we're eager to connect with you.


  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive sales and marketing operations strategy.
  • Overseeing the execution of all sales and marketing processes.
  • Managing sales and marketing resources.
  • Developing and maintaining sales and marketing dashboards and reports.
  • Analysing sales and marketing data to identify trends and opportunities.
  • Working with the sales, marketing and product teams to ensure alignment and collaboration.
  • Developing and implementing training programs for sales and marketing teams.
  • Identifying and implementing new technology solutions to improve sales and marketing efficiency.
  • Complementing the development of our comprehensive sales playbook, setting the stage for scalable success

What you will NOT be doing

  • Doing only research.
  • Relying solely on conventional market entry tactics without innovation.
  • Producing generic market analysis reports.
  • Working in isolation without engaging with cross-functional teams or external partners. Relying on aggressive sales tactics to oversell or resorting to unnecessary hype.
  • Wasting time on tasks unrelated to direct sales outcomes, such as administrative duties.

Skill-sets and Requirements

  • Possess diverse knowledge and expertise in both marketing and sales operations.
  • Have an expertise in in data analysis, process optimisation, technology implementation and team management, and the ability to simplify, articulate and implement diverse Go-to-Market strategies.
  • Be highly adaptable to a dynamic industry focused on responding quickly to market changes and evolving customer needs.
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, very good analytical skills and the ability to deliver measurable results bring together marketing, relationship and sales efforts.

Education & Experience

  • Sales and Marketing experience in HR, recruitment, or technology sectors.
  • Experience in scaling operations, international market expansion and network development.
  • Go-to-market experience.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English.